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Color : OLD WOOD
Casanova $2,670
  • Orange
  • Pullman
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The salacious history and myth behind Casanova inspired Maison Corthay to create our own rendition of the Oxford. 

The seductive philosopher and writer roamed Europe in search of a better life as hewasborn with humble means. Hiding his true intellectual sophistication behind flamboyance, Casanova, who thrives on artifice, opts for pretense. Concealed behind a Venetian mask, this Derby embodies the risqué exuberance of Casanova with 5-eyelets and a sharp silhouette… At ease in all circumstances, the Old Wood patina sublimates the great classics. Choosing this patina is the assurance of always being on cue.



Made in France in the Beaupréau-en-Mauges (Maine et Loire) factory

Five eyelet Oxford shoe

Calf leather upper with Old Wood patina

Brown piping and laces

Natural calf leather lining and insole

Dark Brown leather outsole 

Available in Sèvres and Pullman lasts

Goodyear construction

Delivered with shoetrees

Love and Care

Putting the shoe on: The systematic use of a shoehorn is preferable. Indeed, it will make it easier to put on the shoe, as well as avoid deforming it and damaging the counter.


Removing: As much as possible, alternate the wearing of your favourite shoes to guarantee their longevity. The rule ‘a different shoe a day keeps the aging away’ is very true ...


Pampering: With a horsehair brush to remove the dust and dirt from the surface of your shoes.

Nourish the leather with a renovating cream of its colour in circular movements usisng a clean cloth.

Allow to dry and then remove excess product with a brush with horizontal back and forth movements.

Finally, apply a wax of the same colour as the leather and rub your shoes with tights or a polishing glove to reveal their shine.



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