A functional and luxurious backpack.

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Maison Corthay fulfills your biggest dreams and offers you the possibility of creating bespoke shoes, matching your personality and adapted to the shape of  your feet. A combination of precision, “savoir-faire” and attention to detail that result in a pair totally unique shoes.

Ready to wear

Ready to wear shoes and accessories are available in all our Corthay stores and allow our clients to be seduced by these fine products and to take them home immediately.


All the colours of the rainbow… Every patina is done by hand by our patina artists. The precise movement of the brush allows for a unique, characteristic gradient of Maison Corthay.

Contemporary Shoemaker

“Actually, the most magical thing in this job, when the shoes come to life and the customers leave with them, with a smile on their face.”

Pierre Corthay


The finest shoes

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Hours of work put into each pair of bespoke shoes

Years since the creation of Maison Corthay

Home away from home


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