As a master in the construction of bespoke shoes - the utmost in personnalisation -  Corthay opens up the field of possibilities by offering a ready-to-wear line that really suits you. An integral part of the Maison's DNA, the special order, offers you a wide range of customisation options to make your next pair the true reflection of your desires. Subdued or acidulous piping, tone-on-tone or contrasting lining - the real luxury is to be able to choose. Visit our store to create more than just a pair of shoes… but an object which will truly reflect your personality, mood, creativity.

We love a challenge - you create, we’ll do it !

Make your creation out of our product

Pierre COrthay





You will become the star actor in the design of your next pair of Corthay shoes. From obvious luxury to luxury for yourself, every detail is important. From the last to the upper, from the piping to the lining, whether it's the heel or the sole, you are the driving force for this extra special something which will feature in this pair born from your imagination!


THE LINING : The lining is the best-kept secret of your pair of shoes.  An understated charm that only you know about.


THE UPPER : The masterpiece of your future shoe, the upper mirrors your style. In suede, box or exotic leathers, ask for the exceptional. Two-tone or bi-material, all types of daring are permitted. Like a high point, the patina turns the leather into a jewel in the hands of our colourists.


THE LAST : Corthay is often well-known as the maestro of lasts, and places its shoemaking expertise in your hands. Sevres, Odeon, Bel-Air or Saint-Germain, dress your feet in the lines you want. The last is at the cross-roads of form and function, as we help you find the lines which you prefer and also fit your foot best.


THE OUTSOLE : Single or double for a more daring effect, from dark to darker, choose how you will beat the pavement.


THE HEEL : Discrete or raised, it contributes to the comfort of your feet for a sure-footed walk and gait! 


THE PIPING : It's all in the detail, this leather collar can give a boost to your shoe or harmoniously highlight its lines.