"A shoe is all the more beautiful when it has lived, when time has kindly done its work... "

Pierre Corthay, founder



The longevity of beautiful shoes depends on their maintenance.


In order for your shoes to last at least twenty years, we suggest you follow these recommendations.

Day by day

The right reflexes

The systematic use of a shoehorn is preferable. Indeed, it will facilitate putting on the shoe, will avoid deforming it as well as damaging the counter.


As much as possible, alternate the wearing of your favorite shoes in order to guarantee their longevity. The leather will then be able to air and dry, exclusively on shoe trees, in order to keep the shape of your pairs.

The rule ‘a different shoe a day keeps the aging away’ is very true!


Ideally, we recommend caring for your shoes as described below at least once a month.

Day by day

Smooth Calf Leather


With a slightly dampened cloth, clean the surface of your shoes before letting them dry naturally on shoetrees.


Then, nourish the leather with small touches of the same colour renovating cream by making circular movements with a clean cloth. Let dry and remove the excess product with a brush in horizontal back and forth movements.


Finally, apply a wax that matches the color of the leather and rub your shoes with tights or polishing glove to bring out their shine.

You can also use a cream or a shoe polish of a darker shade to intensify the patina of your shoes.


To take it a step further, you can shoe shine the toe box and the counters of your shoe. To do so, dab your waxed cloth in a drop of water and operate circular movements on the leather. Repeat until you achieve the desired degree of glaze.

Smooth Calf Leather

Suede Calf Leather


Cleaning suede calf shoes is pretty straight forward yet necessary every three-four weeks.


Regular maintenance consists of two steps:


In order to protect your shoes from bad weather, it is recommended to waterproof them before the first wear. Aftwerwards, every three/four wears, repeat the waterproofing.


Also, use a brass or horsehair brush and gently rub the surface of the leather. This operation will remove the dust and bring out the nap of the leather to preserve its velvety appearance.

Suede Calf Leather

Exotic Leather

Alligator and Python

Reptile skins are covered with scales that make the maintenance specific to these leatherwears.


Start by cleaning the leather with a clean horsehair brush to remove dirt and dust.


You can then apply a special reptile renovation cream to finish cleaning the leather, nourish it and give it its shine back. 


Finally, gently rub your shoes with tights or a polishing glove to reveal their shine. 

Exotic Leather