Twist fond blanc.png


French transcription of “Yeah” and a distortion of “Yes” accentuating the Rock and American twist songs, the “Yéyé” expression is the symbol of a carefree French youth. This optimism is given a rhythm by the cheerful and playful music with light lyrics that the cool “Salut Les Copains!” band represents.

The look of an Oxford shoe, …the comfort of a loafer ! The Twist is a loafer with fake shoelaces made from two lateral elastics covered in calf. When worn, the impression of a cowboy boot is a tribute to the American rock stars from which served as an inspiration to the Yéyés. 

For the first time on a ready to wear model, Maison Corthay introduces an anti-slide back heel emerged from the work done in the bespoke workshop. Nothing more simple than putting on and taking off this loafer in style and comfort!