Ici présentée dans une version en cuir avec finition pailletée, elles seront parfaites avec votre plus beau smoking et ne vous laisseront pas passer inaperçu.


The Sergio was made for the ultimate connoisseurs of taste. Initially created by the Atelier Mesure for a photographer, friend of Pierre Corthay, the Sergio combines  sophistication with a good dose of rock ‘n’ roll for a shoe that is a heady mix of music and masculine appeal.

The photographer wanted a classic shoe shape with a baroque expression. A few months later, this shoe entered the bootmaking universe of Maison Corthay – mysterious and alluring, the three-eyelet derby has elegant lines and curves, combined with scales of a black abyss. Inexplicably sleek and luminous, the shoe has space-like dimensions which add to its strength and charisma.