Style: OTTO LONG zipped wallet in calf leather

Patina: Dark Blue


  • This wallet borrows its name from Otto Lidenbrock, hero of Journey to the Center of the Earth, by Jules Verne. The lines of the Otto Long Zip are pure. Only the Corthay star and the stunning depth of the patina can reveal the origins of this elegant wallet.


    A successful patina and a great alternative to black! The Corthay  “Dark Blue” is a patina of anthology. Many of us are blue lovers. The "Dark Blue" patina pays tribute to them with a subtle shading of blue that will brighten up your grey suits! Shades range from a deep blue to an ink blue - echoing the colour palette of the sea as one dives deeper ...


    Nota bene: Finished entirely by hand by our colorist craftsmen, the colour of the patinas is likely to differ slightly from the imagery present on the site.