Inspired by the sleek lines of classic cars, boats and aeroplanes, Corthay shoes are renowned for their distinctive silhouette. Aerodynamic curves and smooth contours showcase their unique shape, giving Corthay shoes their distinct personality.


Deliberately tapered, more rounded or fundamentally square, each last is an example of comfort. If it is up to you to choose a style, Corthay will make sure to offer you a shoe that fits the physiognomy of your foot.


We’ll make sure we get a perfect combination of style and comfort. - indeed why choose when you can have both ! First, determine your last in the light of your style and the morphological characteristics of your feet, then choose the designs available on the chosen last!


The styles craftted onto the Sevres last:

Arca, Bella, Fantomas, Casanova,Vendôme, Brighton, Dover

The Sevres last was born nearly 25 years ago, at a time when men only had eyes for the much more traditional round shapes. At first glance, it is distinguished by sharp edges and a slender silhouette. Yet no longer than a classic shoe, it seems to be able to take you 1000 miles away in one stride. 

Without a doubt, it is just as subversive as the spirit of its founder...

The Sevres last is as close as possible to the measurements of the foot. It is the result of an in-depth study of the foot’s physiognomy of the Maison’s bespoke customers, which  is why it offers an impeccable fit and support. 


And because at Corthay each client is unique, the Maison offers the Pullman version. 

Pullman is a tribute to the extraordinary comfort and space offered by train carriages of yesteryear. 

A more generous fit which nevertheless does not detract from the assertive aesthetics of the Sevres last. Slightly wider for the demanding foot! 

The Sevres last  is inseparable from Corthay's know-how. Original and now iconic, it is at the origin of many styles that have ensured the Maison's success over the last 30 years.


The Odeon last is thought to be pure chic. There are many shoe lovers of this fundamental style. Adepts of discreet elegance, the Odeon ‘fans’ are numerous !

This is a slightly round-ended last, which maintained an elongated profile -  an inherent feature of Corthay. The silhouette is slender.

The Odeon last hides its cards well. The footwear is generous yet sleek whilst the curved front of the shoe allows an incomparable comfort for the toes, too often abused.

The styles constructed onto the Odeon last :

Wilfrid, Pégase, Bernay 


As if to round off the corners of the Corthay signature shoe, usually sharp, the latest last to be introduced proposes a more ‘consensual’ last. This classicism revisited by Corthay is aimed at those who want a timeless and sophisticated look - neither rounded, square nor sharp.

The attenuated square tip of the shoe, a cross between roundness and rigour, will win over an audience that had until now felt neglected and in search of mythical Parisian elegance. The new Saint-Germain shape gives them access to the Corthay DNA and the extraordinary range of patinas of the Maison. 

Comfort, which is an integral requirement of the design process of this style, guarantees the wearer unparalleled comfort thanks to a generous fit. Designed to dress the strongest instep, the pressure points have ‘miraculously’ disappeared.

The styles constructed onto the Saint-Germain last :

Varenne, Visconti et Verneuil. 


Exclusively designed for the loafer, the subtly square Bel-Air last is characterized by its flat apron. A symbol of casual elegance that is subtle and discreet, this last is the must-have of the perfect gentleman.

No question for the Maison to imagine a simple loafer... It too can display the Corthay signature, as evidenced by the apron that discreetly plunges forward. Dynamic, contemporary and versatile, it offers refinement with distinction. 

Its slender line is specially designed to offer the wearer optimal comfort. At the front, incomparable ease of movement while guaranteeing optimal support for the instep girth. A marvel of balance!

The styles constructed onto the Bel-Air last :

Bel Air


Imagined for a loafer that is placed between rigour and relaxation, the Cannes last is akin to the Bel-Air. More relaxed, it is nevertheless elegant and finds its place in all situations.

A slender sole lined with a flat platform ensure an all-terrain loafer. Infinitely adaptable, it goes with your most formal outfits as well as casual and relaxed looks.

A last adapted to accommodate a Blake sewn and thus become more flexible. With this technical detail which makes the difference, the Cannes loafer promises you incomparable comfort.

The styles constructed onto the Cannes last :



As an example of a relaxed and casual elegance, the Tahiti loafer last was designed for an extremely supple and ultra comfortable shoe. These characteristics make it the perfect ally for a walk on the waterfront or an evening on the deck of a  Riva boat made of mahogany wood.

The Tahiti last fits you day and night. Its compact shape allows it to be paired with jeans as well as with the most colourful chino pants in your wardrobe. For a summery and modern style!

Slightly supple last with a low heel for optimal ease of movement. The Tahiti last needs no superlatives and proves that it has all the necessary assets to provide ideal walking comfort.

The styles constructed onto the Tahiti last: