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New Cannes
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The Cannes is one of the most versatile shoes of the Corthay collection. 

Suitable for all occasions. Halfway between the most supple loafers that you would wear bare-footed on the beachfront - we refer you to our very own Tahiti loafer - and the solidly constructed loafers designed for a more formal attire - where the Bel Air excels. This season, its tab is adorned with a patinated calf leather insert.



Casual chic supple loafer

Dark Brown suede calf upper

Suede and smooth calf leather strap with Old Black patina

Thin latex insole ensuring lightness and comfort

Natural leather lining

Black rubber outsole

Cannes last

Blake construction

Made in Italy

Love and Care

Putting the shoe on: The systematic use of a shoehorn is preferable. Indeed, it will make it easier to put on the shoe, as well as avoid deforming it and damaging the counter.


Removing: As much as possible, alternate the wearing of your favourite shoes to guarantee their longevity. The rule ‘a different shoe a day keeps the aging away’ is very true...


Pampering:  The maintenance of the suede calf is easy but necessary every three to four weeks.


Regular maintenance consists of two steps:

In order to protect your shoes from the weather, it is recommended to waterproof them before the first wear.

Repeat the operation every three or four times you wear them.

Then take a brass brush and gently rub the surface of the leather. This will remove dust and bring out the down in the leather to maintain its velvety aspect.


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