Brighton 13.png


With a ‘bob-style’ haircut a la Jeanne d’Arc inspired from Paris, tailor-made suits with a tight waist and classy shoes, these English kids called Mods took their looks very seriously. Pierre Corthay always felt close to this rock ’n’ roll elegance with a touch of revolt. 

The Brighton shoe, a reference to the famous fight between Mods and Rockers on the Sussex coastline beach, is a loafer with a rebellious spirit. Designed in a single piece apron, the shoe showcases its casual character with a French binding made from kidskin, for which you will decide whether to choose your colour.

Something special and new on a Corthay shoe: the strap at the back gives the Brighton a free spirited style. Lifted or folded, depending on your mood, it reveals the Corthay star.