“People come to Corthay for more than a pair of shoes; they come for an out of time experience”


Founder of the Company and distinguished bootmaker, Pierre Corthay is to date the only bootmaker to have received the “Maître d'Art” title, which he was awarded in 2008.

He is an artisan of shoemaking - many would say an artist of shoemaking - but above all extremely eager to ensure transmission of his art, which he achieves through leading by example., Pierre’s daily presence at the workshop ensures Excellence is conveyed “both through words and actions”.

The process of bespoke is first of all an exercise in listening to the customer. Finding what brings him to us. Is he after a shoe designed for him ? Does he have his own design in mind which he wants us to produce ? Is he longing for the hand-sewn finishings ? The superior comfort - given that the last is the exact replica of his foot ? Listen first … This intimate interaction between the bootmaker and the client is one of the keys to an incredible shoe and a long-lasting relationship.

The Corthay bespoke shoe,

A unique experience