As time passed, the rules have bent somewhat. The casual Arca Boucle was immediately transformed by miracle of Corthay’s patinas.  Maison Corthay loves to mix colours: 

a rich Ruby patina and Anis piping are combined for a splash of arty pomp,  bringing the shoes into the Pop universe of Andy Warhol. With Corthay’s rich patinas, the Arca Boucle shoes are ready night and day, with a universe appeal before and after 6 o’clock…


At the Monk Strap origin!

The Arca Boucle or “Monk Strap” is an evolution from the timeless Arca, keeping the same shape but with a more casual spirit. Originally, the “Monk” was made as a casual shoe. Suited for long afternoons in the English countryside rather than evenings in London’s Chelsea, the Monk was usually made in brown. But, as the adage goes, “No brown shoes after 6.00 pm.”