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A classic three-eyelet derby, the Varenne was designed to be the perfect companion for every occasion. Its incredibly comfortable fit, coupled with a clever lacing system, makes it a universal shoe. 


As timeless as it is easy to wear, the Varenne is a must-have for any footwear connoisseur…  

Available in black and patinated ardillat box leather..


The Verneuil is to refinement what Saint-Germain-Des-Prés is to Paris…

Its classicism becomes all in all relative as soon as the Corthay touch enters the room. 

The character of this exceptional shoe lies in the addition of a toe cap at the front of the shoe, while the double stitching gives it flair and style. 


The Verneuil style, which has the potential to become the symbol of all elegant men, embodies the sum of countless shoemaking true to the Maison.  

Available in black and patinated ardillat box leather. 


The Visconti style is the perfect oxford shoe. Its pure lines give it a timeless air, which few styles can rival.

The dynamic of the quarters, similar to those present on the Varenne style, is more formal, offering a perfect balance to one’s silhouette. 


Combining comfort and refinement, the Visconti style will undoubtedly become an essential. 

Available in black and patinated ardillat box leather.