The transmission is the heart of our boot-making pursuit and Corthay does not pretend to reinvent Art. Artisans interprets, our craftsmen at the Bespoke Atelier combine a time-honoured know-how with creative endeavours, always learning and pursuing with humility.


 Attentiveness, the interaction between the bootmaker and his client gave birth to a single object, handmade, made ​​to last 20 years with a pleasure that constantly delights. Every client is a star engraved into the heart of Maison Corthay. It is important for the bootmaker to understand the personality of his clients, sense their desires, and persist perfection according to their demands. The shoe is designed on the common grounds of amity, sustainability and maturity. 


A bespoke shoe fits like a glove. It provides a unique physical sensation because it is married to the anatomy of the foot. It grows to fit the pressure points and respects the differences in muscle density. This gives the exact proportion that defines personal silhouette and elegance …


Atemporal, the results create eternity, for the hours that filtered through the stitches, manual to material, the motions repeated to achieve these exceptional shoes .The finest leather selected are thoroughly examined for this slow alchemy of the hand on the material that transforms and gives birth to this intimate friend of the feet. 


The pride to create a unique pair in the world…and most importantly, the pleasure that continuously excites the artisan who seeks the satisfaction of his client every time, during the final fitting.